“The Last Dance Ever”?

Sophie Davis, Staff Writer

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Homecoming 2018- The Last Dance Ever?


With the recent announcement of the 2018 Homecoming theme, students have been left to debate its value. The 2018 Homecoming dance just weeks away, decisions have been made to modify the theme from ‘The End of the World’ to a Parisian New Year’s Eve. While the theme may no longer be what it previously was, the ‘End of the World’ theme was more complex than it appeared to be.

While many students believed that the ‘End of the World’ is pointing to a zombie apocalypse, many realized its true theme of Y2K. Since only a few students were even newborns when the ‘Year Two Thousand’ concept wreaked havoc on society, many of us are unaware of the legitimate chaos regarding the turn of the century.

On December 31st, 1999, it was widely believed that the computer systems would be unable to handle the numerical coding for the year 2000. Without a way to keep track of dates and data exchanges, citizens worldwide thought that the entire internet could crash, and while that sounds like a far-fetched fear now, the possibility seemed likely then. At the turn of the century, most banks, and the majority of large corporations, had begun to store all their information online. This transfer to the online world, along with the possibility of it all failing, led to widespread fear of the turn of the century.

Speaking to Najee Rodriguez, ERHS Student Body President stated that “The homecoming theme is something that [SGA was] very proud to come up with”. He continued that the Student Government Association wanted to do something out-of-the-box while still listening to the student body. With an overwhelming positive response to decades themes, Rodriguez and the rest of SGA “Incorporated time into homecoming and named our week ‘Rewind the Clock’”. With such a unique theme, varied responses from the student body were to be expected.

Rather surprisingly, however, students were open to the idea of a Y2K homecoming. Many called it ‘unique’ and ‘different’. One student even described it as “The best theme we’ve had for homecoming”. SGA achieved their goal with an ‘out-of-the-box’ homecoming theme as students opened up to ‘The Last Dance Ever’. With infinitely varied opinions, it can be seen why this may be the most controversial homecoming theme to date.

What seemed to be the most reluctant stance among students, however, was that it was an event that occurred before our time. While the Y2K ‘apocalypse’ brings back memories for many teachers, faculty, and staff, most students attending homecoming are unaware that the people of 1999 thought the world wouldn’t make it to the 21st century. With a little explanation, though, it seems students are open to this interesting theme and excitement fills the air as homecoming approaches nonetheless.

While the fear of the entire internet collapsing, along with the backbones of society, seems almost funny to us now, it’s important to consider how the newness of a completely computerized society affected the people of 1999. It is somewhat funny that the entire world thought that technological failure would send our society plummeting into anarchy. It also seemed that this theme was here to stay. With Leadership donning bright red shirts with ‘The Last Dance Ever’ in bold letters earlier this week, it appeared our unique theme is not going anywhere. Yet, with recent news regarding the change of theme, students are now preparing for New Year’s Eve in Paris. It seems that the cafeteria students were right, whether it be Y2K or Paris, Homecoming will be one interesting and joyful ride. Both themes are ones that no other high school has had before, and it will be exciting for all of us to see how it turns out.