Faces In The Crowd – Spring Break

Calysta Goodwin, Managing Editor

Spring Break is only a few weeks away, so it’s time to see what our fellow Knights are doing with their break!

Tyler Hoyler (11th Grade): “I’m going to Tennessee, just to go to Tennessee.”

Delaney Binder (11th Grade): “I’m going on a cruise on the Royal Caribbean to Nassau and Coco Cay.”

Keandra Letford (10th Grade): “I’m going to Virginia Beach. Probably doing some indoor skydiving and then the boardwalk, and I don’t know what else they have planned.”

Gavin Schepman (10th Grade): “I’m just going to basketball camp.”

Jules Rodriguez (9th Grade): “I’m going to be with my family, just hanging out with them.”

Issael Coto (9th Grade): “Community hours wherever.”