AVID Spirit Week

Jacqueline Ohlrich, Staff Writer

Monday: Feb 12 School Spirit The future is bright for ERHS Knights. Show your Knight Spirit with your school colors and gear.

Tuesday: Feb 13 Dress for Success Dress for your future success. Students in career gear will get special recognition during lunch.

Wednesday: Feb 14 We “Adoor” College 1st period classes are invited to decorate their doors with college and career theme. Judging will take place in 5th period and announced at the end of the day.

Thursday: Feb 15 Thanks for being a friend Students will be able to write a thank you note to teachers or staff who have inspired them to be successful.

Friday: Feb 16 College Spirit  Wear your favorite college or university gear and celebrate the future. All participants will be invited to join us in the courtyard for a group photo at the end of 7th.

From February 12th to 16th, the AVID Program is hosting a spirit week at East Ridge High School. That week will be filled with many school events like a door decorating contest and a day of college gear day. AVID’s goal in all of this is to raise awareness of themselves and college. AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination, it’s a class dedicated to college readiness through different activities. All for the goal of getting their students to be ready and get through college. While AVID is not as recognized in East Ridge, the goal of this week is to spread the word of AVID and college readiness as a whole.

“The Purpose of AVID week is to create awareness of the program. Our goal is to get students asking about the program and to be curious, and may be able to get students to apply. Especially since AVID is not widely known in the school, so if students are more aware of the program they would like to be involved with it.” – Ms. Rangel (AVID Teacher for 6 years)

“I was impressed and surprised with AVID week, I felt special and that I was a part of something. I plan to participate in the different events for the day, I also think it will be positive because it’s not only about the program, but about the colleges as well, so people may be interested in how we do things.” – Valerie C. (AVID Student for 1 year)

“I believe that this week will be a positive thing for the AVID program so we could get more college spirit and encourage more awareness of college.” – Anthony S. (AVID Student for 6 years)

“I think that the response of AVID week is going to be divided, there will be people who laugh it off and others that are genuinely interested in it. But in the end, it will get AVID more recognition than what it does now. After all, no one really knows about AVID and its true purpose, so it would be a 50/50 response. This is because there will be people that think that they are too cool for school and the others who actually enjoy it and are interested in finding more information.” – Victoria C. (AVID Student for 7 years)

“The purpose of AVID week is to bring awareness to AVID and because it’s not too known at the school and we are now what is thought of like college readiness and graduation, so not just for college. The impact would be for more people to appreciate AVID and to add the number of people in AVID and those who are interested in AVID to increase.” – Joah I. (AVID Student for 4 years)