Teacher Profile: Mrs. Spits

Lindsey Leggett, Staff Writer

New to the East Ridge campus this year is Mrs.Spits, the choir and musical theatre director who has taken the program and completely changed the way we perform and interpret the arts. She moved around a lot as a kid, and choir was her one place to escape and be free. “I remember a small choir coming into my second-grade class, with soloists belting so beautifully that I said that’s amazing… I have to do that!” Her biggest inspiration to become a performer/musical director was her high school choir director, and when asked why, she claimed, “still to this day I think, what would my choir director do?” She majored in musical education with an emphasis in vocal performance, and she didn’t know that she wanted to teach until her junior year of college, however her taste in performance trickles all the way back to when she was young as she recalls “not being able to stand an empty stage, she just had to get onto it and perform!” Also new to the East Ridge campus is Mr. Taylor, who directs musical theatre alongside Mrs.Spits, and teaches acting, and the two, in Mrs. Spits’ words are “a teaching match made in heaven… we really know how to pump one another up when they need it the most” which really compliments the feeling of home when you belong to any program of the arts, much less one that reaches far beyond the limits of the choir room walls. When asked of her first impressions and goals of the students and the program, she replied, almost instinctively, “the students are extremely talented, probably some of the best I’ve seen in a high school choir” and she further mentions that she intends to urge the students to be “open to new genres”, while also keeping to their original Broadway/pop sound. She further affirms that she “would like to maintain the standard of excellence established” while also diversifying the musical performances and selections of the students. Some of her other passions include running and exercise in general, and one of her favorite things to do is “hang out with my husband and my two choodles(mix of chihuahua and poodle) Penny and Lucy” (named after Beatles songs ‘Penny Lane’ and ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’). She also claims that she “goes to Disney all the time” since she’s moved here, and is really enjoying this new chapter in her life.