Issues with Environmental Policies


Calysta Goodwin, Editor-in-Chief

President Donald Trump’s environmental policies, to say the least, are that of scaling back environmental protections on parks, animals, and eco-friendly laws. Intending to further the availability of resources by violating sanctions put in place to prevent major harm to various ecosystems, Trump has made it clear that his views are not of sustainability, but rather of purely economic desires. He sees coal as the greatest tool America has and intends to increase its usage rather than cut it down, as many environmentalists advocate for.

To act upon these viewpoints, Trump has pushed forth many damaging decisions to speed up actions against environmental protections. He has increased logging by roughly  with the claim that it would aid in wildfires, and began scaling back the legal authority of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Furthermore, during the former government shutdown, Trump elected Andrew Wheeler as the acting EPA administrator. Under Wheeler’s rule, laws would be put in place to pull back the pollution and fuel efficiency of cars, as well as weaken the Water of the United States rule in various ways. Such would set the US incredibly far back in terms of how much progress has been made to better aid the environment.

The nature of the issue at hand is that of what truly is in the best interest for the environment. While Trump and likewise people see the land as a tool to aid people, others view the land as something that needs to be preserved and protected, hence the great, if not often advertised, controversy. Such, paired with scientifically infuriating discussions about whether or not climate change actually exists, has many questioning just how important this controversy actually is, hence the arguments having less coverage that other debates deemed more important.

While concern for these environmental injustices remains steadily growing, many still align with President Trump under the previously mentioned argument that it simply isn’t a matter of great concern in the face of other issues. While businessmen tend to favor Trump’s environmental policies for greater ability to cut corners, there are a great number that favor his side simply because more important political issues preoccupy their mind or because they see no reason for land to be protected when such doesn’t seemingly directly impact their personal lives.

Despite the large number of people who side with Trump, many still advocate for environmental policies that actually protect the environment. Due to rising levels of extinction rates, the ever-increasing rate of climate change, oceans rising, pollutants blocking the atmosphere, and more, most who fight for more progressive environmental policies disagree with Trump with the knowledge of what a continuing declining landscape will do to both the United States and the world: Cause catastrophe.

Personally, I completely and utterly disagree with President Trump’s ignorant and selfish environmental policies, if they could even be called such. Just to illustrate his absolute idiocy, Trump made the decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement, a global act to begin fixing pollution and holding back climate change, of which 174 countries, out of a total of 195 countries worldwide, are currently a part of. More recently, his previous government shutdown caused irreparable damage to national parks across the country, and more damage that won’t even begin to be fixed for years. His actions against the environment, paired with his purely moronic rejection of the existence of climate change, is not only harmful to our land, but to humanity itself. With the predicted Sixth Great Extinction period right around the corner, Trump is leading American citizens directly into a climate wildfire that will ravage much more than California as we continue to deny the truth.