East Ridge Dance Marathon

Jacqueline Ohlrich, Staff Writer

The UF Children’s Hospital is a section of the UF Health Shands in which they specialize in children medical treatment. With the hospital growing, so did medical bills and the need for more equipment. Such created the idea to partner with the Miracle Network and Dance Marathon (DM) for a fundraiser. As stated on their website, “DM at UF is the most successful student-run philanthropy in the southeastern United States and just celebrated its 24th year. This year, DM at UF raised a historic $3,026,420.19! Join us in 2019 as we continue to make bigger and better miracles For The Kids!”.

While it is UF’s 24th year doing Dance Marathons, it will be our 2nd with its return to East Ridge in 2019. Last year, NHS worked with UF representatives of their Dance Marathon Committee to make the event a success. The marathon included activities such as basketball, volleyball, and a jail where attendees had to bail people out.There was a lot of of food and guests included UF college students, a dog kissing booth, and most importantly, children who are directly affected by the donations. The two visitors were Declan and Beckett, along with their parents, made it known how much the donations meant to them.

They did achieve their goal and so NHS has plans to bring back the dance marathon. In order to do so, they are working with other organizations, such as Key Club, in order to expand participation and increase donations. This will help East Ridge as well by giving everyone the opportunity to experience such a special event. As Allie T., the main organizer of the event here at East Ridge, says, “Last year I changed as a person due to dance marathon because I realized the importance of spreading joy, these kids who suffered more in 3 years than we did our whole lives seemed like the happiest kids on earth and that radiated, this made me realize every chance I could I would try to lend a helping hand.”

The date confirmed for the 2019 ERHS Dance Marathon is March 15th, though a time has yet to be confirmed.