DECA’s College Fair

Chloe Dougherty, Staff Writer

On October 23, 2018, East Ridge High School will be hosting their first college fair. The event will be a great opportunity for students and parents of Lake County to learn about the opportunities that exist beyond high school. From 5:30 to 7:30, there will be representatives from over 15 colleges in the high school cafeteria, eager to meet potential students. Schools attending include Florida Polytechnic, University of Central Florida, Florida Atlantic University, and Florida Institute of Technology.

The college fair is an event sponsored by East Ridge DECA, as part of their annual community service campaign. Each year, the organization chooses one focus to help the community prosper in a new way. This year they chose to help the community prepare for college readiness. The campaign is a chapter-wide effort, however a group of three students will be in charge of heading the event and seeing it through.

The group is comprised of Camryn Russo, Chloe Dougherty, and Lilli Kreisher. These three individuals have done extensive work to ensure they had all the available colleges in attendance and that students in the community are aware of the event. Russo, Dougherty, and Kreisher also worked with Mr. Lecker and the East Ridge administration in order for this event to reach its full potential.

When asked why they wanted to host a college fair, the group explained that after touring a few colleges they felt like there was a whole world they had not been open to, and the time to do so was quickly approaching in their senior year. Russo specifically added that “[College] is a really large part of my life at the moment,” and she would like to see all the options she has.

DECA is looking forward to helping students prepare for college and they are excited to see all the students that attend. One student in particular, Monica Roman, said that she plans on attending the fair because it will allow her “to have a better understanding as to what certain colleges are looking for.” With over 15 colleges attending, the group is certain her wishes will come true and this event will have a large impact on the community. Dougherty, Kreisher, and Russo hope that after the fair the school will recognize the need for this event and will continue to have one for years to come.