Gun Control — Pro


Anaum Virani, Staff Writer

With the American gun epidemic constantly on the rise and the presence of gun violence always looming over local and national news, politicians, regular citizens and students alike have been faced with a dilemma which never seems to find a solution.

On the political spectrum, whilst one side pleads for more gun safety laws to be enacted, the other side stands proudly contradicting with demands of more gun accessibility, with a coined motto of “taking down a bad guy with a gun, with a good guy with a gun”. However, the dialogue I plan to take on is to defeat the narrative that stands in between- “that nothing can be done.”

Often after armed massacres, there are growing arguments from rightwing politicians and pro-gun activists in this country. “It’s too early to talk about gun laws”, and “The left should stop utilizing the death of innocent people to push their agenda” and the most iconic of them all, “thoughts and prayers”. This is not true. It wasn’t and isn’t too early to talk about gun regulations- it’s too late.

The idea perpetuated that guns aren’t responsible for gun violence is so detrimental to the solution. It is constantly driving progress backwards and is often the direct reason used in protecting guns over lives.

The idea of prioritizing safety too often is manipulated into disarming Americans as well, when in reality, the ideas are agreed with by general armed Americans. A 19-year-old shouldn’t be able to purchase a military grade weapon before being able to consume alcohol. It is common sense laws that have been manipulated by those who make profit off the sales of the guns, those who profit over blood spilled of children and adults alike.

The first and only solution to this problem that has taken too many lives is facing it up front.

Globally, mental health is an issue.

Globally, violent video games and media are presented.

Globally, guns infiltrate music and television.

But only in America are constant mass shootings a prominent issue. Guns are the problem and, unless the people who represent us take this issue head on and no longer fear talking about guns in order to keep their pockets lined with blood stained NRA donations, gun massacres will continue happen and take countless lives.